The Perfect Church for Those Who Aren't


A cowboy church is designed to attract those folks who are looking for the traditional values found in the western way of life. Many who attend the church have never owned a horse, attended a rodeo, or could explain the difference between a mare and a gelding. What draws us together is a love for the culture of the cowboy church, as demonstrated by the uncompromising friendliness of our church, the hospitality, the love expressed, and the mix of musical styles of songs about Jesus. From traditional hymns to country gospel and contemporary songs there is something for everyone. Every Sunday there's a biblical message that does not condemn(just confronts in love). A sermon that always speaks the hard truth and applies it to daily living with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After all...."WISDOM WITHOUT APPLICATION IS WASTED WISDOM".


  • A church for the unchurched and for all people that's based on big prayer and big faith.
  • No judgment - we all have a story, it’s not our place to judge.
  • All ministries function through teams instead of committees, and team leaders rotate roles. 
  • Functional Structures - our buildings will be cost effective and functionally support core ministries. 
  • Prayer and faith are built into the DNA of our strategy. There will be no success for our purpose and vision to reach people with the truth of God’s love and forgiveness without BIG prayer and BIG faith. EMCC was started on prayer and faith, and we will continue to exist because of our great faith in God’s purpose and our commitment to seek His direction daily. We believe our future is over and above what can be imagined, and that God will provide EMCC with resources to build a ministry facility that will meet the needs of the community, including a full scale rodeo arena.
  • East Mountain Cowboy Church’s strategy is very intentional, to reach the un-churched and be a church for all people. The cowboy culture is unique and requires a proven approach to speak to those that live in the western lifestyle. EMCC’S strategy removes the barriers that often prevent folks from attending church. The leadership is driven by Elder Role, which is different than Elder Rule. The pastor is the lead elder, and the remaining elders serve in spiritual and advisory roles to the pastor. Lay pastors are assigned to each team to encourage and be resources for team leaders and members- spiritually and organizationally. Lay pastors also assist the pastor by providing additional ministry opportunities to the church members and attendees.